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There are 4,300 religions in the world, but only one empty tomb.

He is not here, for He has risen.
Matthew 28:6

While there are as many religion and spiritual philosophies as there are humans - there is only one that is based on historical facts.

Christianity is set apart from all others in many ways (like all other ways being works based and Christianity being grace based), but the primary way Christianity is not like other religions or spiritual paths, is that it is based on truth, on reality, on historically verifiable facts.

Simply put; Jesus claimed He was God, performed miracles - including his own resurrection - to back up His claims, and we can verify what happened based on historical accounts. Don't fall prey to the world's telephone game where everyone parrots the same thing; that miracles are impossible, that it's all just myth, that we can't possibly know what happened, that the disciples were biased, and so on. Truly look into the historical evidence, and follow the evidence where it leads.

The empty tomb is one such historical fact that points towards Jesus's resurrection.

If the tomb where Jesus was buried was empty, and His disciples didn't have access, by way of Roman soldiers, this clue, together with all the others, starts to paint a telling picture...

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