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There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.
Acts 4:12

On hearing it, many of his disciples said, “This is a hard teaching. Who can accept it?" 
John 6:60

I am the door. Those who come in through me will be saved. All who came before me were thieves and robbers. Jesus in John 10:9 & 8

So.... why Jesus?


Why not Mohammed, Buddha or Krishna?


What is wrong with astrology, yoga, reiki, ayahuasca, tarot?


Why can't I accept Jesus - and anything else that 'works'?


Why can't I find God in my own way? Non-duality, transcendence, Advaita, Christ consciousness -


to each their own right?


Wellllll. Not according to Jesus (God wrapped in human flesh) !

I have come in my Father's name, and you have rejected Me. Yet, if others come in their own name, you gladly welcome them. No wonder you can't believe! For you gladly honor each other, but you don't care about the honor that comes from the One who alone is God. - Jesus in John 5:41-44



Everyone is free to have their own beliefs about God - but us believing something doesn't make it true.

Who would you rather believe when it comes to God -

you... or God Himself?

In the Bible, Jesus over and over with different illustrations, says that man cannot decide on his own way to find, know, or worship God. 


The Bible is essentially the story of how mankind fell from perfect intimacy with God through sin, and how mankind has been trying to find or earn his way back, and how we must accept God's way instead.

When we want to do it our own way, we are in active rebellion against God, since wanting to do it 'our own way' was the first sin; the sin of pride. 


God's provided way is God coming to mankind as Jesus Christ and atoning for our sins.


The wages of sin is death.

Meaning, the result of sin, is (eternal) death.


God is the source and sustainer of all life.

Sin is rebellion against God.

Ergo, when we live in sin (when we live to do our will, rather than God's will), we have cut ourselves off from the source of life.


It is not punishment; it is natural consequence. 


The way that God has provided for us a way to live is through an atoning sacrifice; something (or someone...) is allowed to die in our place, so that we may in this act acknowledge the atrocious reality of sin (rebellion against the one true God), the holiness of God, and His proposed solution as an act of humility.

At the end of the day we all have to ask ourselves this question;

who will I follow?

Where do I place my trust, my faith?

In my self? In other humans, calling themselves spiritual guides, enlightened masters, gurus, or even simply coaches, healers, therapists, mentors and teachers?

Who claim to know the way, who claim that you don't need a savior (except for them, at a hefty price, of course)?

Will we follow man - or will we put our faith in God, and God alone?

Pride came before the fall. Humility comes before the reconciliation. 

God shows us this in just about every story in the Bible;

Fig Leaf Religion

What was the first thing Adam and Eve did after sinning and suddenly realizing they were naked? They covered themselves in fig leafs; they created the first ever 'religion'! They created the problem.... and now decided they could come up with the solution. God immediately replaced their fig leaves with animal skins; with this He showed us two things; a) a sacrifice is necessary to pay the spiritual debt of sin and b) if the issue was not trusting Him, but yourself, trusting yourself (your own ideas and works) cannot be the way to restore the relationship. The problem and the solution cannot be the same.



Abel and Cain

Adam and Eve's story continues in their sons, Abel and Cain. Abel and Cain decide to bring an offering to God; Abel brought lambs, Cain perishables from his crops. God accepted Abel's offering that represented a sacrifice, and rejected Cain's offering, which represented the works of his hands. In a haze of anger, Cain ends up murdering his brother Abel.


Adam and Eve's first sons created the world's two different kinds of worshippers; Cain's line are those who want to worship God in their own way (rebellion) and Abel's line for those who worship God on His terms; accepting in humility that a sacrifice must be made for sins, to remember that the wages of sin is death, either our own, or that of an innocent replacement.....



Towel of Babel

The Tower of Babel is the classic story of man trying to lift himself up to 'the heavens', which is to say, to 'become like god/gods'. It is the story of man trying to bypass his need for God, and lifting himself up instead.

To this very day, man is trying to reach God on His own. This is any and all religions, philosophies, and spiritual paths because they do not have the atoning sacrifice of Jesus - God's appointed way.


Babel is yet another representation of man 'worshipping' in the way that he deems best and not in the way God commanded. It's pride hiding as something good and benevolent. 

All of the world's spirituality today is the same; it hides the sin of pride with flowery, seductive language and seemingly good intentions......  but all is rebellion against God's word and way.

Religion is often recognized as a 'works based' system (earning your way to heaven through good behavior and confession), but all spirituality is as well. Raising your vibration, reaching higher states of consciousness/awareness (self-realization of enlightenment), doing endless poses or hours of sitting in silence.... 

all relies on man, not on God.

Everything in the world is man trying to pull himself up to

(be like) God.

Biblical Christianity is God reaching out, coming down, meeting man where he is, and taking man up to heaven.


All other ways are works based and give glory to man.

Salvation is grace based and gives all glory to God.



Works refers to anything that man does of his own accord, his own strength, his own understanding, his own wisdom, his own achievement, his own discovery, his own  abilities and capacities....


Works is the opposite of grace.


Grace means we didn't do anything to earn it learn it or deserve it..... it was an undeserved gift.


We are saved and brought back into the presence of God not because of anything we did - but because of who God is, and what He did on the cross. 


With works based religion/faith/spirituality

- man can boast about what he has done.

He can teach about it. He can even sell it.


With grace, all we bring to our own salvation is our sin that created the need for salvation.

It is a free gift, once received, we tell others about freely.


Pride breeds works breeds pride breeds....

Humility receives grace breeds humility receives grace breeds humility....!

All other 'ways', such as HinduismBuddhism, occultism, are works based. They focus on who man is and what he has to do. With Christ, we are saved and brought into the presence and kingdom of God, simply be believing God on His Word.

Works based religions (including the new age) brings glory to man,

whereas with grace - all glory belongs to God!


This is the main reason people reject the free offer of salvation, because it doesn't leave us with anything to boast about. Works based religions (including new age spirituality) fit perfectly together with the idea that man himself is innately divine/God. Grace, the central pillar of Christianity, goes aganist the human nature that wants to imagine himself divine, and let's God be God instead....



Many believe demons only exist in bad horror movies - a successful marketing plan from the devil to fool us into not taking the spirit realm seriously - but there is real demonic activity at work in the world. It is strategic, dangerous, and it seductively entraps us and leads us into the ambush of veiled occult activity, such as the new age.

The Bible teaches us that God created the heavens and the Earth; both the natural and the supernatural (unseen) realm. At the fall, these two realms split off; humans were no longer able to perceive the spirit realm (at least not naturally), but the spirit realm can still affect us, and it does. 


The spirit realm is occupied by a large number of malevolent spirit beings; fallen angels, unclean spirits, demons, whatever we may want to call them. Demons do the devil's bidding by tempting us, influencing us, and lying to us; they talk to us by giving us their thoughts; which of course leads to our feelings, belief systems, worldview, and ultimately our behavior and lives to be shaped by them.


Sin gives demons legal grounds (rights) to interfere with our lives, and so do spiritual practices, paths, and philosophies (as they all stem from the #1 sin which is idolatry or the worship of false gods, including man as god).


The supernatural (unseen, spirit) realm is real, and when we choose to open doors, we unknowingly yet willingly invite malevolent spirits into our lives, all the while thinking they are benevolent, this is because Satan himself disguises as an angel of light. Yes, there are benevolent spirits (angels), but we are not to contact them; God assigns when where and how they work in our lives. This leaves us only with the malevolent spirits whenever we open these doors via practices such as shamanism, energy healing, tarot, astrology, yoga, praying to angels/saints/the universe, crystal healing, manifestation... in other words anything supernatural.


You either have the Holy Spirit of God - or other, fallen, spirits.

Demons in disguise.


The devil has deceived us into thinking there are many, infinite even, ways to choose from; in reality there are only two kingdoms; the kingdom of darkness (masquerading as light) and the Kingdom of God, which we can only enter through the door named Jesus. Any other door we choose therefore is an illusion, it only leads you into another room in the kingdom of the enemy, no matter how nicely decorated that room is.


Operating in the supernatural often gives us esoteric power, insight, and knowledge, and at times feelings or legitimate experiences of healing, progress, and pleasure, peace or bliss. The caveat is - you are still separated from the one true God by sin. It is a temporary gain with a trade-off of that lasts for all eternity: death (as life is a gift from God).


Even in this life, there is a fine-print to what the devil gifts us; we gain insight, but remain blind to whats truly important (salvation). We gain status and abundance, but our health suffers tremendously. We access supernatural abilities, but find ourselves strangely agitated or restless. We see healing - but we always need another session, another reading, another workshop, another training, and it's never free (salvation is!).


Spirituality without the Holy Spirit is always one step forward, without ever seeing where the road is ultimately headed... 

in this life; a hamster wheel, and ultimately, your eternal, irreversible destruction


The devil is always in the details....


No matter what you believe or do, if is not salvation by grace  alone in Christ alone it is a form of occultism or witchcraft, which are forms of rebellion against God and strictly forbidden in His word.

We are born into the kingdom of darkness, in separation from the one true God, and Jesus is the only door to enter the kingdom of light, the Kingdom of God.


Esoteric practices and paths may change your life (superficially),

but they cannot save your soul.



No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other.

Matthew 6:24


There is Jesus - and then there is everything else.


You're either submitted to Jesus (God), or you are worshipping the devil in disguise.


This means that any other way than salvation by grace alone in Christ alone, is man-made, and is a form of pride, a form of rebellion as old as the garden.


This means Jesus is not compatible with;


yoga, astrology/human design/gene keys, enneagram, tarot, plant medicine/psychedelics, channeled materials (such as bashar/a course in miracles/plaiedes, abraham hicks, law of one etc) eastern meditation (emptying the mind), family constellations, energy healing (such as reiki), law of attraction/manifestation, tantra (sex magic), tao, past life sessions, shadow work, ascribing supernatural powers to crystals, worshipping creation/the feminine, buddhism, hinduism, islam, sufism, anything to do with non-duality/transcendence/enlightenment/higher self/universal or christ consciousness, mystery schools, mediums/necromancy/psychics, nature/gaia worship, sophianic lineage, magdalene codes, etc etc etc etc


These are all forms of idolatry, or the worship of false gods,

that originated in ancient Babylon and then spread all over the world in different names and with different faces - such as Buddhism, Hinduism and occult mystery schools. Jesus said 'all who came before me are thieves and robbers', and all that is practiced in the new age is 'nothing new under the sun', meaning it is old, as old as ancient Babylon, and all originated from one and the same source; the enemy of our souls; the devil himself.

Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few” Jesus in Matthew 7:13–14

Everybody loves 'Jesus' -
until you define Him.

Everybody loves a God made in their own image.

A great moral teacher. An enlightened master, here to show us the way to self-realization.
Anyone is down with following Jesus, so long as we don't claim He is the only way to God.

Truth, by its very nature, is exclusive.
There is only one correct answer to the question what is 2+2.
The devil, being the 'father of lies', is the one who tells you that anyone who claims to have the only way, the only truth, is arrogant, deluded, dangerous even.

If God truly took on human flesh to reconcile us with Himself, wouldn't it make sense that the enemy of our souls, Satan, would preach the gospel of 'whatever works for you'? The false gospel of 'there are as many roads to God as there are human souls'? Jesus wasn't shy about claiming that the idea that there are more than one way to God is the 'broad way(s) leading to destruction', and that the way leading to life/God is narrow, aka one.

Jesus, the historical, Biblical, Jesus being the only way to know God, and all other ways, all other spiritual paths, practices, and philosophies, being doctrines of demons, only makes sense, instantaneously makes sense, if Jesus truly is who He says he is. 

So, Who does Jesus say He is?

One road leads home and a thousand roads lead into the wilderness.

- C S Lewis

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